Sunday, July 15, 2012

Other March Happenings

And, to sum up the rest of March: We took videos of jumping on to couch cushions.  Check out Sadie's faceplant
My house is in a constant state of disaster from trying to balance, kids, church, work, etc.  It's no wonder it's taken me 6 months to start catching up on blogging.  I can barely do my dishes.  Yikes!

I heard this great quote, "Trying to pick up after a 2 year old is like trying to shovel snow in a blizzard."  So true, so true.

And more mess.  At least I was making healthy food, right?

A much needed girls' night - probably after cleaning up all that mess.  We love going to the Cheesecake factory.

Only my brothers will really care about this one, but I finally retired my Larry Bird "jersey" after about 20+ years.  It has gone through multiple family members.

We did a zoo day with London.
We visited the new lion cubs.

Troy made an impromptu trip to Utah with his friend Scott.  There was a sudden "powder emergency", meaning they hopped on a plane the next day and went snowboarding for 3 days.  Troy was able to visit his grandfather one last time while he was lucid.  I'm glad he was able to get this picture and have some time to visit.  I'm also glad he got his snowboarding fix for the season.  That is getting harder to do with little ones and living in Tucson.


Sonja and Jordan said...

Yay for blog updates!! I need to get on that as well.

Love Sadie's pigtails at the zoo. Too cute!

You and I have extremely different definitions of the word "tantrum"

Freckles Phillips said...

Fetch I loved that Larry Bird shirt!!!! Sad.