Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sadie's Blessing

Even though we blessed Sadie last week, we never got around to taking pictures. We decided to take them today instead.

Sisters (and a purple Easter bunny)

This is my favorite.

Aunt Molly made this beautiful quilt for Sadie.

How it really is when you take a photo shoot of a baby.

Oh wait, this is my favorite too.

Family Photo

Happy Easter and General Conference

I love General Conference weekend. Nothing like listening to great speakers in your pjs. As a bonus, this weekend also happened to coincide with Easter. On Saturday we did an Easter egg hunt in our lovely backyard that Troy has worked so hard on.

Yes...Erica did pick out her own clothes.

Somehow, the Easter egg hunt also involved taking stuffed animals for a swim.

On Sunday, Erica received an Easter basket with all of her favorite things - toothbrush, floss, candy, nail polish and chapstick.

This is a typical moment at anytime while we are trying to listen to conference.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Sonja

Happy Birthday Sonja!!! I normally don't do shout outs for birthdays, but Sonja is so diligent about doing it for everyone else, I wanted to wish her a happy birthday today. She is the one down in front with the cat. (You know your family loves animals when they make it in your photo.) We love Sonja and wish she could be here. Hope you have a great day.