Friday, February 29, 2008

How Did You Celebrate Leap Day?

First, I put on these cool sunglasses.

Then I put on my new cute swimsuit. I love it!!

Then I tried biting my lower lip. It's my latest trick.

Hurry up mom, I want to get in the pool. Stop taking my picture.

Slow down mom!! I don't want to get in that quick.

Was there a sign that said not to pee in this pool? Oops.

That was fun. Boy am I tired!! Can't wait to do this again tomorrow.

By the way, this Cabbage Patch can make me laugh, but my mom can't. Ha Ha!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brian Regan

My brother told me about this comedian. He's clean and really funny. There are more videos of him on You Tube.

Monday, February 25, 2008


In honor of this title, this posting will all be in the color brown. For those of you who are grossed out by discussions about poop, read no further. I find these conversations somewhat interesting...sometimes.

I had a poop day. Let me explain. Erica recently started on solids and she hadn't pooped for two days. I was a little worried because I heard that I might have to give her a baby enema (Lesley). Well, this morning, she finally passed a really hard stool. I felt so bad for her. She had to strain a lot and it looked painful.

Then, I gave her a bottle, and the struggle started all over again. Only this time it involved tears. Poor girl!! So, I changed her diaper again and there was another hard stool. Well, apparently these hard stools were holding up some more mushy stuff, but she decided to wait until the diaper was off to let the rest out. The majority of it ended up on the blanket and I caught some with the third diaper of the morning. I guess it is good that none of it ended up on me. (I will take suggestions at this point on how to help with baby constipation).

Once that was all taken care of, it was already too late to meet up with friends at the park, so I took Erica and Kayla (the dog) for a run. In the 9 months I've been taking Kayla for runs, she has not pooed once. Well, of course, today she decided it was time to change that. So, I got to pick up her poop with a plastic bag during my run.

I'm looking forward to a poop free day tomorrow, or I'll even take a less poopy day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, I'm finally venturing deeper into the blogging world and making some personal changes/adaptations to my page. Nothing big yet; this is just the first step (i.e., classifying family v. friend v. business blogs). Please check your link on the right to make sure I spelled your name right and your spouse's name.

Also, I want to add a "currently reading" link. Can anyone tell me how to do that with a picture of the book?

Monday, February 18, 2008

California - Part B

California - Part One

We just got back from a great trip to Southern California. Some videos are coming, but here are a few pics from our adventure.

We took Erica to Sea World for her first time. It was cold and rainy, but she did okay for a few hours. She liked the dolphins. I now know that Troy really loves Erica because he bought this picture from the Sea World photographers. If you know Troy, you know that he would never, ever do that in a million years.

She must have been really tired because she NEVER falls asleep in our arms.

On the drive home, we took a break in Yuma, AZ (the half way point) to give Erica a break from her car seat. There is an army base just outside of Yuma where they trained soldiers for WWII. They had some tanks and missiles on display. She's already preparing to be a missile engineer like her daddy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I saw a lot of these going around and was wondering when I would get tagged. It has happened...

1. What is his name? Troy Dixon Tegeder (aka sweetie, boy, roy)

2. How long have you been together? We met in Ukraine, but didn't really know each other. We really met again in the fall of 2002. A year later we were married on August 16, 2003 (right Troy? I never remember the date-oops). So I guess we've been together 5 1/2, married 4 1/2.

3. How long did you date? See #2.

4. Who eats more? Food-Troy; Desserts-Me.

5. Who said I love you first? I don't remember. (Do you see a pattern here? I'm glad Troy loves me despite my forgetfulness.) I will qualify this by saying I think I knew I loved him first, but whether I said it first is a different story.

6. Who has more speeding tickets? Me. I have the only one.

7. Who is smarter? Troy, hands down.

8. Who is more sensitive? Again, I would probably go with Troy, but it's probably pretty equal.

9. When there is a fight who usually wins? Honestly, haven't had one yet. Troy is too patient to fight with me.

10. Who does the laundry? Me. I think Troy can count on his hands how many loads he's done since we've been married, but that's okay because he takes care of the cars. There should be another question about that and I would have to say I've never fixed anything on the cars.

11. Who does the dishes? Mostly me.

12. Who sleeps on the right? If you are standing at the foot of the bed, facing the pillows, I am on the right.

13. Who pays the bills? I make sure they get paid, but Troy provides the funds.

14. Who mows the lawn? Do you mean dirt? We live in Arizona and have no lawn...yet. I will say that Troy takes care of all the outside work. I've never mowed a lawn in my life. That's what my 6 brothers were for.

15. Who cooks dinner? Me.

16. Who drives when you are together? Mostly Troy, but we switch off.

17. Who is more stubborn? Neither of us, thank goodness.

18. Who kissed who first? Don't you kiss at the same time?

19. Who asked who out first? Troy asked me on our first official date. He took me to a concert. I had no idea at the time how out of character it was for him to spend so much on a first date. He must have really liked me. (:

20. Who proposed? He did, right after a long talk where I thought we were going to break up. Sure glad I was wrong.

21. Who has more siblings? Me - 6 brothers, 1 sister; he has 1 brother and 2 sisters.

22. Who wears the pants? Um, we both do. I wear skirts sometimes too.

I tag anyone that hasn't been tagged yet and reads this blog.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Isn't this Outfit Cute...

... and she can sit!!!! It's only for a little bit, but we count it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A day in the life of Nancee...

I had been reading a lot of these on other blogs and thought they were interesting, so here is mine.

About 2:30am (I can't remember exactly when, but it was sometime early morning): I hear Erica starting to stir and I race into her room to put the pacifier back in her mouth before she fully awakes. I fall asleep on the rocking chair in her room while I'm waiting to make sure my "trick" worked. I know I should teach her how to sleep without it, but I'm not ready to give up the benefits of the pacifier.

Sometime later (maybe 3:00am): I awake, Erica is out, so I return to bed. Troy is in the shower at this time. I know he has not been feeling well and I'm too tired to find out what he is doing this early in the morning, so I make for the bed to get whatever sleep I can before Erica wakes up again.

4:45am: Erica is really awake this time. Troy is not in bed and I find him sleeping on the couch. At least he is getting some sleep. I feed Erica and she still seems sleepy. After a 1/2 hour, I bring her into our bedroom and put her in the swing to sleep. We both fall asleep quickly.

7:45am-8:15am: Erica wakes up for the day. I'm not ready yet, but I don't have that option. I give her some oatmeal and she likes it for about 5 bites and then she is done. Next, I give her the bubble-gum flavored anti-biotic for her ear infection. At least she loves that stuff. Then I feed her a bottle.

8:15am-9:00am: We play in her room until she gets tired again. We are trying to get her to learn how to roll, but she is pretty clueless about it. She did actually do it once this morning, but it might have been an accident. I put her down for another nap.

9:00am-9:45am: I read my book in bed until I get tired enough to fall asleep. I have a head ache and don't feel 100%.

9:45am-10:00am: I close my book and start to fall asleep. Then I hear Erica. No nap.

10:00am-11:00: I feed Erica another bottle. I let her play with toys while I do the dishes.

11:00am-12:00pm: Erica gets fussy, so we sing songs, walk around the house, look in mirrors, check email and read the updates on the Super Tuesday results (Erica likes the computer).

12:00pm-1:45pm: Erica goes down for another nap. I eat lunch, respond to some emails, check blogs, work on taxes and clean up a little. Troy stayed home from work because he is sick, but he is still working from home. I like it when he gets to stay home, I just feel bad he doesn't feel well.

1:45pm-4:15pm: Erica wakes up. I feed her. We watch a movie called "Solaris". I don't recommend it. I played some piano for her. She loves to sing along; it is so cute.

4:15pm-5:15pm: Erica goes down for what should be her last nap of the day. I use this time to clean the front room and prepare for a church meeting. I would normally make dinner right now, but we have some leftovers (yeah!!!), so I get to do other things.

5:15pm-6:15pm: I give Erica a bottle and her medicine. For some reason she refuses sweet potatoes tonight even though she loved them last night.

6:15pm-7:45pm: I go to my church meeting. I miss out on Erica's bath. Troy sings to her with the guitar.

7:45pm: I get home just in time to sing one last song to Erica and we put her down for the night.

7:45pm-8:30pm: I put things away from the meeting and clean (you would think I would be done with this by now since I seem to do it all day long, but I feel like I've hardly made any progress).

8:30pm-10:30pm: Troy and I watch "Secondhand Lions" - Great Flick!!!! We crawl into bed.

10:45pm: Wake to put pacifier back in Erica's mouth. Return to bed.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Just Another Day at the "Office"...

Erica was not feeling well this week. She had her first cold and her first ear ache. She decided to share her miserable-ness with ("on") me.

On the brighter side, she also had her four month well visit and her proportions are finally starting to even out:

Height: 24.3 inches (31%)
Weight: 12 lb 12 oz (18%)
Head: 41 cm (36%)

Lesley - How old was Ian when he weighed this much?