Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mama and Papa Tutu...

...aka my parents...aka SPOILED!!!!

My parents just spent the last week helping us adjust to a life with two children. We have been totally spoiled and we miss them tons. They made us dinner and dessert every night, took Sadie during the night, played with Erica during the day, sent us on dates (including snowboarding), did dishes and laundry, worked on our yard, etc. We have no way of expressing how grateful we are for all that they did.

Remember my dad just had surgery on the same day Sadie was born.

How many 62 year old women do you know that will jump on a trampoline?

Sadie saying, "Mama Tutu, time to wake up."

Mama Tutu put make-up on Erica every day. "Lucky you" as Erica would say.

For part of their visit, my parents took Erica to Phoenix for a few days to play with her cousin Lincoln. She had a great time as you can tell in the pictures. We really enjoyed some one-on-one time with Sadie too.

I just really liked these pictures.

When Tutus aren't around to help, this is how we get by-Erica reading her books and Troy playing Snood on his ipod while feeding Sadie.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Professional Pictures

If you are not sick of looking at pictures of our daughters yet, check out this blog:

We had a professional photo shoot done and I am so happy about how they turned out. Of course, I am biased, but you gotta check them out. Reyna did an amazing job!! Thank you!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Pictures

A visit from Auntie Melisa on Saturday morning. She is expecting any day now.

She brought me these beautiful flowers, which were lovely to look out when you are sitting in bed for 2 days.

Erica and Troy came to pick Sadie and me up on Sunday morning. Before we left the hospital, Erica had to sing "Popcorn Popping" to Sadie.

Some friends brought us lots of food to eat that night and had decorated our door. They even took Erica for a few hours to give us a break. It was wonderful.

When we got home, we had a Big Sister celebration for Erica. She requested a big, pink, frosted cupcake.

I even got a surprise mint cake. Yum!!!

On Tuesday morning, Erica showed a little more interest in Sadie and actually wanted to hold her. I didn't have time to comb her hair, but here is our first informal photo shoot.

Troy took the week off work and has been amazing Mr. Mom. He's been doing all the dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc. He takes the night feedings. He plays with Erica. Is there anyway I can keep him home every day? This week is going way too fast. Sadie absolutely loves her dad and he is so cute with her. I always catch him cuddling her whenever he can and jumping up to take care of her.

The problem is that I think she likes him better. On the two times where I've been in charge of Sadie on my own, she does nothing but cry. I was up for 4 hours last night with her to give Troy a break. As soon as he took over, she's been an angel ever since.

Troy giving Sadie her first bath on Tuesday.

Getting ready for a real photo shoot. We did that this morning. I will post a link as soon as they are ready. I can't wait to see them.