Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Every other year, Troy's side of the family gets together for Thanksgiving. Each year we've been adding spouses and babies. It was a full house, but tons of fun. This weekend of fun is possible thanks to Troy's generous grandfather.

Troy's immediate family, spouses, kids and grandpa.

Grandpa with his great-grandkids.

How many father-in-laws do you know that will bust out Spice Girls on RockBand. "If you wanna be my lover, gotta get with my friends..."

Erica slept next to her cousins in the basement.

An awesome advent calendar from Aunt Alice.

Love the hat.

We also had a baby shower for Troy's sister Molly while we were there.

Erica "helping" unwrap gifts.

Julie "loves" animals, especially hairless cats.

Can you believe I actually helped to make this. Well, ok, I held the ribbon while Sonja glued it. Does that count?

It was COOOO-OOOLD!!! The first day we arrived, I think it was a high of 16 degrees. Plus, we had a ton of snow. This is Erica's first REAL snowman, as compared to her snowman from last year.

Troy and old fam.

Troy and new fam.

What is all this white stuff?

These sisters crack each other up.

Is this really frozen?

A Full House, minus Uncle Jessy.

Grandpa keeping warm.

Ahhhh, I love vacation.

Mom, can't we afford real Otter Pops?

I'm swinging in the snow, I'm swinging in the snow...

Relatives are the best!!

Good morning sleepy heads.