Monday, December 28, 2009


My first iPhone/iPod Touch app is (finally) done, and it's up for sale in the iTunes App Store. It's called ShatterBall. It's fun to see my game up for sale. I'm relieved Apple accepted it the first time around. I have spent a lot of time developing it, especially the past couple of months, which meant sacrificing sleep. I suppose that will just get me back into the sleep schedule that I'll need to re-adopt when the new baby comes. In the mean time, I can finally catch up on some sleep now that it's in.

Nancee has been a great support, and Erica has been a great beta tester (even though she hasn't made it past level 1 yet.) If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, check it out! Just search for "ShatterBall" in the iTunes App Store. If you buy it ($0.99), please leave a review!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Worst Interview Question Ever

This past weekend, Troy's sister, Sonja, and her husband, Jordan, came to visit. Jordan had an interview at a school in Mesa and they asked the following question. How you would respond?

"A dump truck pulls up to your house and dumps the biggest pile of paper clips you have ever seen in your front yard. The driver pulls away and you have no way of getting a hold of him. What do you do with all the paper clips?"

I am glad my future does not rest on such silly questions.

We were so glad to have them visit. Erica loved playing with them. We even celebrated Jordan's birthday while they were here.

As you can see, she LOVED her Uncle Jordan. We hope he gets into the school here.

We've also been prepping Erica for Christmas. She is catching on quickly and already loves to open presents. We just did a gift exchange with the neighbors and she was lucky enough to score some Dora dolls and fairy movies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!!!

I love this time of year. It's filled with good food, seeing family and vacation from work. We spent Thanksgiving in Phoenix with my brother's family, my parents and my sister. I want to hire my sister as a nanny. She read books to Erica and put make-up on her. Erica LOVED her!!

Not the greatest picture of us, but the only one I have of Troy and me together. Notice no toddlers in the picture? We strategically planned to meal to happen during nap time. It was a wise move.

Erica enjoyed snuggling with her Grandpa Tutu.

We stayed at my dad's brother's house. He is currently working as a mall Santa. Doesn't he look realistic? Erica was convinced that he was the real Santa.