Tuesday, July 3, 2007

31 Weeks or 7 Months

So I don't think any pregnant woman really likes to take pictures of her belly at the end. You just feel large and uncomfortable. Anyway, for those who have asked, I've decided to post some anyway.

This looks like a mug shot.

Supposedly my uterus is about the size of a basketball. Our little girl seems to think that is not large enough because she keeps kicking and pushing for more room (especially under the right rib).

I still can't believe that's me. By the way, does anyone know if you can run out of room on your blog??

And one more...

Swimming Pool

So we've had many requests for pictures of our pool. We just kept forgetting to take the camera outside with us. Finally we remembered, here it is. Now wasn't that worth the wait.

Troy is attempting to do a standing cannonball!!

The splash was bigger, I was just slow on the camera.

More Recent Random

So I realized that my last 2 random posts might have been a little confusing. The pictures were outdated, which would explain why I am not pregnant in any of them. We just didn't have any recent pictures, so I thought I would post old ones. Anyway, now we have some recent ones, so here ya go:

We finally got our dog Kayla back. This is how she likes to sleep. She seems to be enjoying the 100+ Arizona weather, but she is shedding like crazy. Her favorite hobby is to chase lizards in our backyard. A few weeks ago, we took her out for a walk and she got cactus needles stuck in her paw and mouth. Troy had to pull them out and Kayla even had tears in her eyes. It was so sad, but she is doing much better. Troy will make a good dad!!

Next we have Troy and one of the many lizards that lives on our property. Troy finds as much satisfaction in chasing lizards as Kayla does.