Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guitars and Sweet Potatoes

So I haven't really had anything to blog about lately. I think I just burned out. Unless, of course, you all want to hear about my cleaning the house and going to the grocery store.

Here are some of the more exciting things in our life. We are working hard to get Erica on a routine. Every night about 7 pm we give her a bath and then Troy plays her songs on the guitar until 8pm. Then she goes to sleep like an a perfect angel (yeah right). Actually, she is getting much better about falling asleep on her own and I love it.

Although she is probably not quite ready, I've been really excited to feed solid foods to Erica. Here she is taking her first taste of sweet potatoes. Did these smell disgusting to anyone else? She didn't seem to mind.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dove Ad Competition

My cousins, KD Price and Niel Townsend, prepared this video and entered it in a Dove competition. If the video is selected, it will be shown at the Academy Awards, and they get all kinds of prizes. After you view it, click on 5 stars to give it a high rating! It was in second place for a while, but now it has slipped! After opening the link, type "Chaos Escape" in the search window.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Airplane Story

Troy and I were scheduled to fly out of Seattle on the morning of Dec. 30, with a layover in Salt Lake for one hour, and then on to Tucson. We were sad to leave that morning because we felt like we had not had enough time with the family. I think Erica was sad about leaving too because she screamed the whole time we were in the airport waiting to get on our flight. She's been pretty good about flying, but this was just a bad day. I know everyone was thinking and hoping that we were not getting on their flight.

Anyway, we board the plane (Erica still screaming) and we sit...and sit...and sit. The pilot comes on and tells us we have a problem - the plane has too much fuel. I guess that is better than not having enough fuel, but apparently we would be too heavy to land in Salt Lake if they didn't drain 6000 pounds of fuel. Someone misread the fuel readouts and now we had to wait for a truck to come drain the plane. After an hour, (Erica still screaming), the pilot allows us to get off the plane and wait in the terminal. "For those of you who have missed your flight, check with the front desk about rescheduling."

We quickly exit the plane since we definitely missed our connecting flight and, once again, I'm sure everyone was thinking and hoping that we were going to get off this flight. At the counter, the agent said the next flight out of Salt Lake was at 7:30pm and we wouldn't get into Tucson until after 9:00pm. It was still morning and Erica was still fussy (the screaming had momentarily subsided). I knew she would never last that long.

"Is there anything else?"
"Well, you probably don't want it, but there is a nonstop flight tomorrow morning at 7:30am."
Now, who in the world would not want a non-stop flight with a child????
We jumped on that and ended up spending another afternoon with Troy's family.

Again, a Merry Christmas from Delta!!! They have really come through this year.
P.S. Later, Troy and I wondered if there really was a fuel problem or if they were just trying to get us off the plane. (:

Christmas in Tucson

My parents came to visit us in Tucson for a week. We celebrated Christmas with them early on the 23rd. We left on Christmas Eve, but my parents stayed another week to watch our dog. Thank you!!!

Christmas in Seattle

Then we got to go to Seattle for a week to spend time with Troy's family. We also had a wedding (see below) and the grandparents babysat so we could go snowboarding. Yeah!!

Erica and her Aunt Sonja

Cousins: Lovi and Erica

Finally, Erica could wear her warm, cute clothes. The 60 degree weather in Tucson did not call for a beanie and sweater.

O-ma and the aunts trying to get Erica to smile.

And, in keeping with the spirit of the "Tegeder" blog, here is Troy and I on Christmas morning.

All in all, we had a great time and we were sad to leave family. Luckily our plane had problems and we got to stay and extra day for free. I'll post this story later.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blog Help

I created a blog post, but it wasn't quite ready, so I saved it as a draft. Subsequently, I created another blog post and published it. I finished Blog Post #1 and published it, but it appeared below Blog Post #2. I don't want people to miss Blog Post #1. Is there any way to rearrange posts?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Is She Dead??

So yesterday morning was cause for celebration:

Erica went to bed at 8:30pm the night before. Twice in the night I heard her make a sound on the monitor, but she quickly went back to bed (and so did I). Suddenly, Troy's alarm went off at 6am. My first thought was, "Oh my gosh, I didn't turn the monitor on last night and I slept right through her cries." This was not the case as explained above. Within a split second, my second thought was, "Is she dead?" I ran to her room and she was sleeping peacefully. She awoke a few minutes later at 6:15am - making it an almost 10 hour stretch if I did my post-pregnancy math right. Christmas miracles happening all around.

Molly's Wedding

Troy's little sister Molly got married over the holidays in Seattle. Here are some pictures from the wedding.

The original Tegeders

The Bridesmaids

Erica between her cousins Lovi and Noah

Molly and Brad at the Seattle Temple