Monday, June 28, 2010

Barbie Had Her 50th Birthday

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Sister's Intuition

I had a sweet and funny post all planned out in my head. Now I am irritated with QuickTime and how it infiltrates every aspect of my computer, yet doesn't seem to offer any beneficial value. For example, you are not watching a cute video of the sisters together because of this stupid program.

Instead, I will just tell you a story I want to remember. A few days ago Sadie was acting really upset. She cried for about 2 hours straight. If this was Erica as a baby, that would be nothing out of the ordinary. However, Sadie hardly ever cries and is easily pacified. (Go ahead and hate me, I would). So, out of frustration of not knowing what to do, I asked Erica, "What's wrong with Sadie?"

She replied very matter-of-factly, "It's her ears." Duh!!! Why had that not occurred to me. She is just getting over a cold and experience with Erica taught us that every cold ends in an ear infection. I took Sadie to urgent care and she, of course, had an ear infection in her right ear. Thank you Erica for solving that mystery.

Since I am already irritated, I will add in the story about how I stopped by CVS pharmacy minute clinic on my way to urgent care. FYI - They don't see children under 18 months. And, to the nurse at the clinic, "NO my daughter is not suffering from colic, but thanks for the suggestion." Too bad a 2 year old knows more than you do.