Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sadie turns 2

Right after we returned from all our travels, it was time to celebrate Sadie's second birthday.  This girl has been a joy to have in our family.  She is sweet, sensitive, calm and very easy going.  She has made the transition into 2 kids very easy.  She idolizes her older sister and loves to copy her.  Erica is very tolerant and plays well with Sadie.  
She's a tiny thing!  Her stats: Head - %, Weight -  %, Height -  %, uh, how is this for a second child - I lost the paper that told me all this info.  I guess I will have to update this post when I find it.  I think she averaged the 15% for height and weight.

Gum is one of her favorite things to eat.  She also likes milk, anything sweet (like her mother) and milk.  She is quite the picky eater, but if that is the worst we have to deal with, it is okay.

She's very independent and loves to play on her own.  I love that too, most of the time.  We are getting into the stage where she wants to try everything herself, even if she can't do it.  Thank goodness she is usually willing to let me help after she has tried.

One of her birthday presents was a new water table.  It, unfortunately, has not been as well-use as I had hoped.
Here is a video of Sadie "opening" this present.

Her other present was a bag of legos.  She has absolutely loved these and plays with them daily.  Maybe she will be an engineer like her daddy.
Sadie is much more physically coordinated at this age than Erica was.  However, Sadie's speech has been slower to develop.  It's really started coming along the last few months and I think it will be alright.  I think she just hasn't cared to learn yet, but makes the effort when the need arises.

We celebrated with cupcakes.  Now, whenever we have cupcakes, she wants to put candles in and blow them out.  We, of course, comply with these requests.

If you want to watch videos of the cupcake eating, look here and here.

A cute panda outfit from Aunt Jane (her middle namesake).  And yes, we have cut her bangs since this picture.

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