Monday, July 16, 2012

Chocolate Class - April 2012

Just before Easter, my friend, Andrea, and I went on an overnighter to Phoenix. We stayed at a brand new hotel and played tennis. The next day we went to a super fancy Marriott in Scottsdale and did a chocolate cooking class. It was AMAZING!!! Such a fun weekend.
The "beautiful" view from our hotel.

The super fancy hotel.

Trying different kinds of chocolates from around the world.  The chocolate takes on the taste of the soil it is grown in.

Making some chocolate-lemon madeline cookies

Passionfruit chocolate truffles.  They were sweet, but very yummy.

Our chocolate instructors.  They did a great job.  They are professional dessert chefs at the Marriott hotel.  Sounds like a dream job.

Our goodies that we got to bring home - truffles, madelines, chocolate covered carmelized almonds, chocolate samples and chocolate tea (way better than hot chocolate).

Learning how to temper chocolate.  Now I just need to get a marble slab. (:

My chocolate buddy.  We are neighbors and love sharing treats.

This is the difference in the amount of real cocoa in milk chocolate versus dark chocolate.  No wonder I like dark chocolate better.  The other ingredients are sugar, cocoa butter and I don't remember what else. 

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Andi said...

As soon as you find another class you want to do, let me know! I'm in!