Monday, July 16, 2012

Easter - April 2012

Since Troy was recovering from his SVT attack, we had a fairly low key Easter. It was the typical coloring of Easter eggs, Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt. It was a nice celebration.
We used A LOT of colors this year. 

The girls got a hand-me-down Pet Shoppe collection.  It was perfect.  They loved it and still do (it's really mid-July for me right now).  I love the Easter morning hair.

Time for our Easter egg hunt before church.  Erica had a dress that matched the one Sadie was wearing, but she refused to wear it.  I wasn't in the mood for this battle.

Sadie actually knew what she was doing this year.  Even though there were a million eggs, this was probably our fastest hunt yet.
We love our annual Easter Egg Hunt with our Radinsky neighbors.  I think this is our 4th or 5th year doing it. 

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Annie said...

What cute girls you have!! I've loved all the recent posts. Your lives seem full and happy--apart from the scary heart condition...