Thursday, July 12, 2012

Girl's Weekend - February 2012

February was a crazy busy month.  Troy and I took the red eye flight home from Taiwan and landed in Los Angeles early in the morning.  We spent all morning looking for a hotel near the beach.  My parents were kind enough to drive our girls from Arizona to California to meet us for the weekend.  We met up with them and my brother's family in the afternoon and went to the beach and dinner.  After a few hours, I said goodbye to them and Troy and went to my girl's weekend in La Jolla. 

My freshman college roommates had our 2nd annual reunion.  Moana's mother in law was so nice to let us borrow her beachfront home in La Jolla for this reunion. You could see the ocean out these windows. We literally spent the entire time on these couches and occasionally got up to eat or sleep.  We laughed, talked, cried and comforted.  These are amazing and strong women.  I had a wonderful time. 

One of our rare outings off the couch.  Love these gals - Molly, Moana, Jenn, Heather and Sarah!

This was our food stash.  You can tell that I had slept a total of about 4 or 5 hours in the last 48.  I was exhausted!Can't wait for the next reunion.

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